About Us

About Our Company...

Sunglasses4all is a web based company providing our customers with the best quality polarised sunglasses at the very best prices. Our quality and prices can not be beaten. We are based in Leicester in the East Midlands and aim to dispatch within 48 hours of receiving your order. If ordering before 3.00pm your order will go out that day, first class; however that does not guarantee next day delivery, please use the next day guaranteed service for this. If you have any questions before or after purchase please call us on our dedicated hotline 01162355150. We also supply night vision glasses in both standard and deluxe styles which are both very popular products. We offer a full 30 day refund if any of our customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase.

About Polarised Sunglasses...

Polarised or polarized sunglasses, depending on which side of the Atlantic you “speak”, are the essential sunglasses for all sportsmen and sportswomen and all drivers. 

Polarised sunglasses are particularly suitable for all those engaged in any activity where water or snow is involved or driving, where glare from the sun when low on the horizon or reflecting from the road surface, causes a loss of clear vision. Generally, for everyday use, polarised sunglasses provide much clearer vision, blocking out glare and preventing blurred imaging.

Polarisation (polarization) is a natural phenomenon that describes how light behaves. Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When these scattered light rays meet a horizontal surface, like a wet or shiny road surface, much light is reflected horizontally. This horizontally polarized light is what we know as glare. Glare makes it hard to see as it masks the light that is useful to the human eye. Glare makes outdoor activities, such as driving, fishing, walking, skiing or reading on the beach, difficult, uncomfortable and potentially hazardous.

Polarising, or polarised (polarized), lenses work by using vertically- aligned filters to block the unwanted horizontally polarized light (glare) and allow the useful vertical light through to the eye. So polarised (polarized) sunglasses help you see despite the glare. Non- polarised sunglasses do nothing to block glare and can indeed make your vision worse, simply darkening your view without eliminating glare, thus providing no benefit at all. Polarised sunglasses should always be purchased instead of non -polarised sunglasses.

Our Aim...

At Sunglasse4all.co.uk we aim to provide the best quality and best value, polarised sunglasses available. We offer a range of classic Polaroid sunglasses, together with a range of high quality less expensive polarised sunglasses. We also offer a range of clip-on sunglasses, night vision glasses and our own brand of folding polarised (polarized) sunglasses.