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Introducing the new unisex night vision glasses.

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Drive Safely This Winter...

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See Our Night Driving Glasses

Night Driving Glasses

Why are Polarised Night Driving Glasses so important when you’re driving?

Glare happens when light bounces off a flat surface, becomes polarized in the horizontal plane and overpowers vertically oriented light that’s useful to the eye. It’s unpleasant, uncomfortable and prevents you from seeing accurately. When you’re driving, sunlight on the road in front of you causes glare. It can happen in bright light, when it’s cloudy and when the sun is low in the horizon. Almost anytime.

Folding Polarised Sunglasses

Protect Your Eyes

with laminated with tiny vertical stripes that only allow vertically angled light to enter the wearer's eyes. Glare is eliminated because the horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.

Clip On Sunglasses

These incredible, scientifically designed clip on glasses are easy to clip on to prescription glasses and are ideal for driving at night.

The glasses arrived and I've been wearing them this week. Thank you so much - they're great!!

Leo Andre

I would just like to say a huge thank you. The case arrived first thing Saturday and is wonderful!