About Polarised/Polarized Sunglasses


About Polarised/Polarized Sunglasses

When light is reflected from shiny materials it becomes polarised. Sunglasses made with polarizing filters reduce the amount of light transmission and glare reaching the eyes. Bright conditions can cause people to strain their eyes and the glare can also reduce visibility, so using polarised lenses creates a much clearer, comfortable view. Glare in certain conditions can reach 10000 to 12000 lumens. As eyes are only comfortable with up to about 3500 lumens in bright light, the glare can make people squint and in extreme conditions temporarily blind. Techniques such as polarisation and mirrored lenses can be used in order to drastically reduce this and offer clearer, more comfortable vision

Just Imagine you are standing on the beach looking out at a calm sea early one morning. What you will see is a very bright, glass like mirrored surface on top of the water; this will be without detail, very little contrast, and of extremely poor colour saturation. As you put on a pair of polarised sun glasses, the bright, glass like mirror is replaced with a view that shows lots of detail and has extremely deep colours and excellent contrast. This is what polarised lenses can do. Photographers also use them to add much bolder colours and deeper contrast to their pictures. Polarised lenses remove any glare and improve the quality of the picture, in the same way polarized sunglasses lenses perform the same function for our customers.

More and more people are turning to polarised lenses to beat the sun's harmful and sometimes dangerous glare. Polarised lenses are no longer just a practical consideration and many fashion brands are now offering polarised lenses as demand for better eye protection grows. The desire for a fashionable and stylish pair of sunglasses remains as strong as ever. Sunglasses4all.co.uk has a large collection of well-priced and high quality polarised sunglasses allowing our customers the option of great eye protection at affordable prices.


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